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Bonnie Smith

Bonnie Smith

Bonnie is a certified Hand and Foot Reflexologist as well she has been an Instructor with the Ontario College of Reflexology teaching both Hand & Foot Reflexology classes. 

Bonnie chooses to hold smaller classes from two to four students. This has allowed her the opportunity teach her students with a more personal approach to the theory and practical aspects of the course in a quiet setting.

For a period of thirty-six years Bonnie worked as an administrator in the dental field in a management capacity.  She retired in 2004 but during the last ten years of her employment, she discovered her real passion for life in Complementary Therapies.  It began with Reiki, and now is a Reiki Master in Usui, Karuna, and Gendai.  Bonnie is also the President of the Canadian Reiki Association holding this Board position since 2004. Reiki started her on her journey but was introduced to Reflexology by one of her Reiki Masters. At that point Bonnie has not looked back.

In 2007 she became a distributor for the Amethyst Bio Mat and uses this remarkable mat in all her sessions to her client’s delight.  The synergy of Amethyst Crystals, Far Infrared Energy and the Negative Ions produces incredible results of deep relaxation and healing.

She has continued her education in reflexology with the Advanced Clinical Assessment of the Reflexology Client, Supplementary Techniques in Reflexology, Reading Between the Lines and Zones (assessing visual clues on the feet) and Maternity Reflexology.  Bonnie has continued her Reiki education by completing courses in Advanced Reiki Training and the Master Level with William Rand.

At the present time Bonnie is a student in Body Talk and is now working on her certification.

Bonnie is the owner of Soul’s Journey where she practices. She volunteers her time at the Burlington Breast Cancer Centre with reflexology sessions for women in all stages of breast cancer. As a breast cancer survivor she is very empathic to their special needs.  Bonnie derives great pleasure from working with people who either benefit from the reflexology sessions or those who are her students in the Reiki and Reflexology courses.  She is committed to her healing journey and her faith lays in the natural ability of the body to heal itself. 

Bonnie’s personal goal is to stay focussed in the present, to live in Gratitude and to continue traveling on the path of her own life’s journey.

Bonnie Smith  RRPr  RT/CRA



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