Donald Bisson

North Bay, Ontario
Donald established the Ontario College of Reflexology (OCR) in 1996 to create higher standards in education and professionalism. The OCR has already made an impact on reflexology world-wide by offering college level courses on reflexology. The college has established a strong internet presence and students around the globe are now taking reflexology courses by correspondence.
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Donald can be contacted at 1-888-627-3338 (705-647-5354) or d.bisson@ocr.edu

Valerie Carlson

North Bay, Ontario
Valerie is celebrating 26 years (2023), as the Executive Assistant for the Ontario College of Reflexology (OCR). She earned a certificate in reflexology in 1996 with the Reflexology Association of Canada and in 1998 she also earned a Foot Reflexology certificate with the Ontario College of Reflexology. Valerie has taken the Teachers Training Program for Foot Reflexology and has been teaching with the college since 1999. She has assisted many students and has helped many certified Reflexologists over the years. In 2000 she earned her certificate in Hand Reflexology and as well took the Teacher Training Program in Hand Reflexology. Valerie was born and raised in Victoria B.C. and became a Northern Ontarian 21 years ago. She is a former neighborhood pub kitchen manager/head cook and also a pastry/sweets baker for a wholefoods wholesale bakery. Valerie continues to build her reflexology practice and promote Reflexologys' health benefits with students and clients alike. But mostly Valerie looks forward to living a life of health, happiness and Love along with the study of Reflexology, Herbology and the pursuit of Natural Living with her husband and two children. Valerie can be contacted at 1-888-627-3338 (705-647-5354) or vjc-b@ocr.edu

Tina Aurelio

Sidney, B.C.
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Rita Dewett

Mississauga, Ontario
I have enjoyed being a certified reflexologist for the last 15 years. I studied Reflexology with the Ontario College of Reflexology (OCR) and am excited to share that I recently graduated as a Certified Teacher with OCR.
Besides Foot Reflexology, I also have experience in Iridology, Aroma Oils, Osteopathy Manual Practitioner, Relaxation Massage, Indian Head massage, Deep Muscle Therapy, Accupressure, Pranic Healing, and as a Reiki Master/Teacher.
Many of my clients appreciate the option of home visits or sessions in my home office. Students benefit from the availability of small classes which provide ample personal attention and learning opportunities. The privilege of helping others take responsibility and improve for their health, and increasing my knowledge is a blessing and a joy that I enjoy! I love helping share my knowledge with students, clients and family.
Rita can be reached at: 416-418-5522 or r.dewett@ocr.edu

Jean Dove

Midland, Ontario
Jean became a Reflexologist in 1982 after completing her training with The Reflexology Association of Canada. In 1990 she did her teacher training with RAC and taught many students in Grey and Bruce counties. She grandfathered into OCR and has been teaching for them since 1999 in Mount Forest and more recently in the Midland Penetang area. She has gone on to study Shiatsu, Brain Gym and has been an Eductional Kinesiologist since 1992. She is also a Reiki Master, practices Emotional Freedom Technique and does Cellular Remapping as well as ear coning and the Metamorphic Technique. She has set up practices wherever she resides. Reflexology has always been a passion in the giving, receiving and teaching. Jean can be contacted at 705-355-1591 or at j.dove@ocr.edu

Marly Freer

Singhampton, Ontario
Marly Freer's appetite for learning reflects another positive belief: "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. " She has combined a life-long passion for wellness, beginning with a Medical/Dental Certificate from Algonquin College in 1972, and continuing today with courses in BodyTalk. Marly's clients also happily benefit from a myriad of other certifications: Iridology, Advanced Foot Reflexology, a Teacher's Certificate for Foot course, Advanced Hand Reflexology as well as a Teacher's Certificate for Hand course. Additionally, she holds certificates in Ear Candling and RainDrop Therapy and has attained a Masters status in both Reiki and Herbology. In her desire to increase her intuitive abilities, she recently took spiritual awakening courses. Undoubtedly, each of the above alternative health care modalities personally improved Marly's quality of life. Aches, pains and sluggish feelings have been reduced and digestion improved. A fix for the common cold and a deluxe pampering as well as improved lymphatic circulation are some of the other benefits. However, BodyTalk has given her new hope for a trustworthy health care system that offers lasting results. Her own initial BodyTalk session with practitioner, Cherie Carpenter, relieved low back pain from a motor vehicle accident, allowing her to painlessly perform simple tasks like rolling over in bed and allowing her to once again take up sports. During her studies, "fibromyalgia-like" symptoms she had suffered for approximately 20 years disappeared. Her desire to become a BodyTalker was first ignited in order to help balance her best friend who was at the time suffering with bone cancer. Marly also wanted to learn a new therapy that would balance clients better and last longer and to attain a deeper knowledge of anatomy and physiology. These desires were overwhelmingly fulfilled with BodyTalk. In her practice she has witnessed spectacular results. These range from relieving purple redness and anger in a C-section scar to releasing pesticides from a farmer's muscles which had previously given him a lot of stiffness. In a steadily growing home-based practice near Blue Mountain (in a private setting which includes a library, a confidential office and a work out room) over the next few years Marly foresees an increasing number of clients being educated in the BodyTalk System. They will seek out this therapy knowing they will attain positive health care results in the present and preventive measures for the future. In order to maintain an active lifestyle with her husband, Doug, Marly follows several physical hobbies: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, power walking, biking, kayaking, yoga, reading, learning, and creating exotic meals. Delighted to have found a second life partner, she and her husband travel for pleasure and business - and compliment each other's careers well. She also feels blessed with two handsome sons who are successful in their life choices. Marly can be reached at: 705-445-7641 or m.freer@ocr.edu

Lisa Gallant

Port Rowand, Ontario
Lisa has been studying and practicing energy work and complementary health therapies since 1998 in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Her real passion in life is to help people find their own sense of self and assist them in becoming as healthy as possible whether through complementary therapy treatments or through music. In her strong belief in mind/body/spirit connection, Lisa uses her knowledge in holistic therapies to personalize treatments to help create harmony, balance and a positive energy flow within each and every client. Lisa is certified in Therapeutic Touch, Axiatonal Alignment Therapy, EFT, Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy and Reiki. In 2003 she became a Certified Foot Reflexologist then opened her own business, Steps to Serenity. In 2008, Lisa decided to become a teacher for the Ontario College of Reflexology and is thoroughly enjoying teaching. Lisa is also a musician and has also been teaching piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music and Suzuki Piano School since 1991. During the past 7 - 10 years Lisa has volunteered at Choices – a center supporting people with developmental disabilities and at Wellwood Resource Center at the Henderson Hospital – a center supporting people with cancer doing Therapeutic Touch and Reflexology. Also in 2006 she was nominated for “Woman of Distinction 2005” in Hamilton, Ontario and during the National Volunteer Week, April 19-25, 2009, received the “Hometown Heroes Award”. You can reach Lisa at 519-532-9847 or l.gallant@ocr.edu

Jane Johnson

Guellph, Ontario
After experiencing foot issues and pain, Jane discovered true relief after trying reflexology. She thought that one day she would learn more about this incredible healing tool. She finally had the opportunity after completing a 25-year career. Since she had been training and teaching for many of those years, she decided to combine her teaching experience with her enjoyment of reflexology. She is certified in both foot and hand reflexology. Jane can be reached at 519-546-3426 or at helpful@rogers.com.

Angi Jones

Picton, Ontario
  • Owner of Angi's Wellness Centre
  • Nurse who specialises in Foot care since 2016
  • Certified Reflexologist with OCR since 2019.
  • Certified in Hot Stone Foot Reflexology in 2019
  • Certified in Facial Acuzone Reflexology in 2022
  • Certified Hand Reflexology Practitioner in 2022
  • Certified Mom and Baby Reflexology Instructor in 2022
  • RCRT with the Reflexology Association of Canada since 2022

  • For more information go to www.linktr.ee/AngisWellnessCentre or email a.jones@ocr.edu

    Cathrin Kotsovos

    London, Ontario
    Cathrin is a Certified Holistic Practitioner and Teacher of Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki. Cathrin is a passionate advocate of natural healing therapies to facilitate and create youthful vitality. She believes benefits can be achieved to help any condition by eliminating stress and promoting deep relaxation for optimum health of the body, mind and soul connection. Cathrin issues guidance to encourage and empower her students to be highly effective practitioners using their skills for professional or personal interests through certification programs and workshops. She offers private instruction in small classes of 1-6 students. This creates a comfortable atmosphere with many opportunities for relaxed interaction and individual attention. Her home studio is located in Old East Village London, On. and celebrating 19 years of business. Cathrin can be reached at: Holistic Body Work and Training: (519) 694-heal (4325) or c.kotsovos@ocr.edu

    Melanie Kowalski

    Brantford, Ontario
    Melanie Kowalski, completed her training at Fanshawe College, where she earned a diploma in Nursing in 2012 and is a Registered Practical Nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario. She has an extensive nursing career in Public Health, Foot Care, Acute Care, Community, Occupational Health, Family Practice and Nurse Educator. Melanie began her alternative health care journey in 1998, and trained in modalities such as Homeopathy, Iridology, Nutrition, Acupressure, and Aromatherapy. Melanie has been a Certified Reflexology Instructor at our College since 2008. Melanie enjoys learning and is forever a student at heart, she has a strong desire in helping others feel their absolute best. She takes pride in the care she provides clients and ensures the highest standard of care. With her strong desire to see positive outcomes in others, Melanie looks forward to spending time with her family, traveling, and creating memories. She also shares a love for animals and has two fur babies Izzy and Douglas. She has a strong belief in a holistic lifestyle and is extremely happy to teach students about Reflexology and doing what she loves most. Melanie has a caring nature and is looking forward to meeting you. Melanie can be contacted at 519-802-7969 or m.kowalski@ocr.edu
    Margo McLaughlin

    Toronto, Ontario
    Margo has been happily teaching reflexology for the Ontario College of Reflexology since 1997 and has been practising reflexology since 1995. "I have had the pleasure of teaching students who have absolutely no experience right through to and including registered massage therapists and nurses." For some people, learning reflexology is their first healing modality, while others combine reflexology with existing massage, esthetic, or energy therapy practices. "When teaching adults in the Greater Toronto Area, a teacher must be very flexible and respectful of the students' lifestyles and schedules". Margo has practised reflexology and therapeutic touch at the Pacific Wellness Institute in downtown Toronto since 1996. When reflexology clients receive a reflexology session from Margo, their conversations can be facilitated in a counselling style as Margo is a Human Services Counsellor by degree. She is also a Mental Health Counsellor working as a Housing Support Worker for Eden Community Houses of Toronto and as a Relief Counsellor for Community Living Toronto. Some of the clients that she works with include adults with long-term mental health issues and those who are at risk of being homeless. Developmentally-delayed adults living in group homes and semi-independent apartment programs are also her clients. Her professional development initiatives access the human anatomy and physiology through advance classes in yoga and mediation. She has been a native of Toronto, since 1980, although her roots are in Vancouver, B.C.. She can be contacted at (416) 767-0844 or at m.mclaughlin@ocr.edu

    Lucie Menard

    North Bay, Ontario
    Lucie grew up in Sudbury and always enjoyed helping others. She graduated with a Social Work Diploma in 1996 and still works full time in elementary schools. Lucie became a certified reflexologist in 1997 and has been teaching for the Ontario College of Reflexology since 1999. She teaches in both the North Bay and Sudbury areas. Her courses are taught in French or in English as she is bilingual. Lucie is also certified in and teaches the Natural Herbs and Essential Oils program. Lucie lives in North Bay with her husband and two fantastic step-children. Owner of Spa Reflexology services and courses Member, Ontario College of Reflexology Member, Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario Lucie can be contacted at 705-477-5216 or l.menard@ocr.edu

    Mary Mitchler

    Brussels, Ontario
    Mary has been enjoying her love of reflexology for the last 25 years, first with the Reflexology Association of Canada and the International College of Reflexology, then, with the Ontario College of Reflexology. She has been a certified teacher with OCR since 1999 and registered with the Registered Reflexology Council of Ontario since that time as well. Besides Hand & Foot Reflexology, Mary has also taken courses in Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Seated Massage, Relaxation Massage, Deep Muscle Therapy, High Touch Accupressure, and Priority Balancing . Working in a health food store for a few years also gave opportunity to research the nutritional supplement field further. Raising a family with allergies also provided areas for learning. Now Mary's clients appreciate the option of home visits or sessions in her home office. Students benefit from the availability of small classes which provide ample personal attention and learning opportunities. Having the classes offered locally has been a plus in a rural area. The privilege of helping others take responsibility for their better health and increased knowledge is a blessing and a joy she enjoys sharing with students, clients and family. Mary can be contacted at 519-955-2289 or at m.mitchler@ocr.edu

    Gayle Myke

    Brantford, Ontario
    Gayle Myke, Six Nations Reserve/Brantford A Registered Practical Nurse, qualified advanced foot care nurse. Gayle began her alternative health care journey in 1998. Mohawk College Graduate from Native Community Care substance abuse stream, BA contemporary Studies with Child education at Laurier Brantford. Founder of Arts After School Kids a not for profit organization that offers free arts based programming for youth. Her training also included Reiki, Ra SheBa energy, Theta, Certified Reflexology Work part time with Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetic Initiative since 2006. Certified Reflexology Teacher since 2013. Gayle can be contacted at 519-717-1833 or at g.myke@ocr.edu

    Shanti Parakh

    Niagara Falls, Ontario
    Shanti is an internationally known Reflexologist, Metaphysician and Healer. Even though he was educated in the sciences from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), he has been practicing yoga for over 40 years and has been reading palms and working on the hands and feet for over 35 years. Shanti has won championships in Hatha yoga and has taught at Brock University, The State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo State College, Niagara University and numerous other colleges in the Buffalo area. Shanti is a certified reflexologist and is a member of the Ontario College of Reflexology and the Federation of Ontario Yoga Teachers. He also teaches advanced Reflexology to Reflexologists and Advanced Yoga to Yoga teachers. Shanti has appeared on major television programs in Buffalo, Rochester Welland, St. Catharine's and Toronto. There are numerous articles about Shanti in major newspapers across U.S.A., Canada and India. He has published books and posters on yoga and reflexology. Shanti has lectured on and demonstrated yoga at international conferences in India, Canada and the U.S.A. He has completed a peace and goodwill mission to Poland, Hungry, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and the Soviet Union and regularly takes groups of people to India. www.shanti-yoga.ca Shanti can be contacted at 905-374-3067 or at s.parakh@ocr.edu

    Susan Todd

    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    - Owner of Sue Todd Reflexology
    - Certified in foot reflexology since 1997
    - Certified with the Ontario College of Reflexology (OCR) 1998
    - Foot Reflexology Instructor with the OCR since 1999
    - Hand Reflexology Instructor with OCR since 2000.
    - Certificate in Adult Education with Brock University 2005
    - Retired Dental Hygienist
    - Also certified in Facial Reflexology (Sorensistem)
    - Maternity reflexology
    - Aromatherapy
    - Certified Angel Card Reader
    - Currently on the Board of Directors with the Ontario College of Reflexology
    - Author: Advanced Clinical Assessment of the Reflexology Client (available as a distance program or text through OCR - certificate in foot reflexology is a prerequisite)
    - Supplementary Techniques in Reflexology
    - Reading between the Lines and Zones: assessing visual cues on the feet
    - Reflexology with Hot Stones
    - Facial AcuZone Reflexology (available as a distance program through OCR - certificate in foot reflexology is a prerequisite)
    Sue Todd maintains a private practice from her home in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
    Adults learn best in a supportive environment with a large dose of humour. Sue Todd provides both! For more information go to www.suetoddreflexology.com Susan can be reached at 905-508-7885 or at s.todd@ocr.edu .

    Anne Vivash

    Burlington, Ontario
    After spending 20+ years in public relations, health and education, Anne began a new path in complementary therapies. She completed her reflexology and reiki certification in 2001, and has for the past 10 years been applying these therapies to help manage and promote wellness in a natural health clinic. Her focus is on stress relief using natural therapies and educating clients to the many options available to them. After 10 years of actively practicing reflexology, teacher training seemed to be a natural progression and in 2010 Anne obtained her teacher certification. She now teaches small group classes from her clinic location in Burlington. Anne has enjoyed volunteering as a literacy tutor and with cancer patients and their families, and continues to support fundraising programs for cancer support. Anne can be reached at: 905-484-2826 or a.vivash@ocr.edu

    Ewa Wozniak

    London, Ontario
    - Ewa was originally certified by RAC in 1998.
    - Proficient with Reiki I, Theraputic Touch I and Fundamentals of Acupressure.
    - Re-certified with OCR and completed the Teacher Training program in 2007.
    - In practice since 2002.
    Contact Ewa at 519-777-0899 or e.wozniak@ocr.edu