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The Ontario College of Reflexology (OCR) is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and accordingly maintains the following privacy policy to protect personal information you provide online.

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Limitation of Liability

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No Release of Information to Third Parties

Personal information will not be released to third parties except if release is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or government investigations or proceedings. There are no other circumstances under which we will provide or sell personal information to third parties.

No Computer Tracking of Identifiable Information

Our computer is not set up to track, collect or distribute personal information about its visitors. It does recognize the home server of visitors, but not email addresses. For example, we can tell which Internet Service Provider our visitors use, but not the names, addresses or other information about our visitors that would allow us to identify the particular visitors to our sites. This information is used only for internal purposes by OCR technical support staff.

In addition, our website tracks information about the visits to our website. For example, we compile statistics that show the daily number of visitors to our sites, the daily requests we receive for particular files on our web sites, and what countries those requests come from. These aggregated statistics are used internally to better provide services to the public and may also be provided to others, but again, the statistics contain no personal information and cannot be used to gather such information.

Referral Listing is Permission-Based

Please note that all listings on our Referral Listing are strictly permission-based. Information about individuals or entities is posted solely upon their explicit request. We do not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided, nor do we endorse any individual or entity listed. Users are advised to verify all information independently.

Support policies

We take pride in offering great customer support for our students and members.

Contact us for any questions that you may have and we will do our best to help you.

Refund policy

Courses Fee Refund Policy can be seen here.

Membership Refund Policy - Membership fees will be refunded only if the College declines a Membership Application.


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